Carpet Steam Cleaning New York

Refresh Your Carpet Floors

As you created your New York home around you, buying furniture, painting the walls - one of the key elements to tie everything together was the carpeting. You chose what would make your home cozy and warm, keeping the floor soft underfoot for you and your family.

The carpet underfoot has been a silent participant in all the day-to-day goings on in your home; gradually picking up stains and funny marks from feet traffic, spilled food and liquids, pet marks and just getting greyed and stiff from all the use.

With all the dirt comes bacteria and allergens, lodged in the pile of the rug and popping up to irritate sinuses and eyes...

A Busy Carpet Needs Maintenance

The more traffic your rug faces, the more it must be tended to regularly. Vacuuming regularly is important - but most of all a methodical deep clean (together with organic cleaning products) will handle all the dark secrets your rug is hiding.

Flat Rate Carpet is the expert in New York - to bring in when you want to refresh your home’s look - a renewed wall-to-wall carpet will gives instant boost to the decor. 

We have experience with all types of carpet issues, and have tested and true procedures to take on your carpet - and make it look and feel beautiful again.

Imagine a fresh, stain and irritant free carpet throughout your home again - it is in your reach.  Call now for a consult and free cleaning test.

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