Upholstery Steam Cleaning New York

Rest Better in Clean Furnishings

You come back to your New York - home, set yourself into your favorite armchair - and relax with your eyes closed. It’s very possible that how the chair feels has become more important than how it looks. 

But over time, your favorite comfortable armchair or sofa has accumulated grey marks on its arms, crumbs and particles  and unhealthy, unseen issues like bugs and bacteria down in its crevices.

Even if it is a no-food zone, daily wear and tear can make your furnishings look tired and dingy, bringing down the look of the whole room. 

Tailored to any Upholstery

Getting your home decor up to scratch can have a surprising solution - a deep clean for all soft furnishings.  Flat Rate Carpet has the tools to come in, refresh and deep clean your furnishings so they look renewed and smell good - and brighten the room around them again. 

Flat Rate Carpet’s expert technicians match cleaning methods to products, making sure your upholstery gets the clean it needs without stress or damage - whether it is natural or man made, linen or leather. 

Natural Cleaning Products in Your Home

Organic cleaning products are our way of making sure we leave no harsh chemicals behind in your home, while still getting all the marks and dirt out of your furniture. Colors will be brightened, with no fear of running or fading. 

Our commitment to keeping the environment safe includes your home and your family’s space. 

Let your favorite chair have special treatment - call Flat Rate Carpet for a thorough clean for all your home furnishings.

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